What Are You Moving Toward?

When you are in a bad job situation, any job seems better than your current job. This may not be the best attitude when it comes to your job search. Desperation will cause you to make even more desperate choices and settle for something that is “slightly less bad” than what you are leaving.

This often happens because people focus on what they are moving away from rather than what they are moving toward. It is a natural instinct, but is inherently negative. While trying to improve your situation you may be bringing unacceptable conditions on yourself, yet again.

Here are some tips to keep this from happening:

Be Clear About What You Need in a Job

This comes from an inward look. Being willing to train for new skills is not enough. Getting skills in something you despise will only make you more frustrated in the future. Make sure you get experience and training in something that is a good fit.

Understand what kinds of work make you come alive. Identify your skills that are most effective in the market. When you are young, you may need to work a few different jobs before this becomes clear. Take advantage of assessment tools that can help with this process.

Focus Your Job Search in a Clear Direction

Don’t just search classifieds, or ask around if anyone knows of an open position. Do your research. Learn what is available in your area. I don’t mean jobs, I mean companies. Figure out how to market yourself and your skills to those companies. The chances are high that they need someone like you.

Create a Plan to Achieve Your New Career

When you are in a bad spot, this can be very hard to do, but if you will take the time, it will give you hope. Your plan might have to include a temporary job while you pursue your dream position, but make sure it’s part of your plan. You see, hope is a beautiful thing. It gives us energy, excitement and vitality. However, it can die out if you aren’t moving forward with a plan. A great job is not guaranteed to “come along”. You need to go get it. A plan will help you move toward something, and that is the hopeful attitude that you need.

What are you moving toward? Do you know, or are you spending all your time thinking about how to get out of your current situation. Shift your focus, and get some hope for the future!

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