The World Needs You

Simply put, you have much to offer. The world needs you and your ideas. You are just that special, and yes, you are just that ordinary. The world needs ordinary folks who are willing to launch their extraordinary ideas. You, along with your failures and imperfections, but more important, your energy and initiative will make the difference in the lives of someone. So don’t hold back. Push away from the shore and dip your paddle in the water. Don’t wait. Show us what you can do.

Watch the video. Consider what it is that you need to do to get started.

Check out this incredible organization that was started by Gene and Cheryl Witte from Waterville, MN. They saw a need and were compelled to take action. Today the lives of scores of orphans are being changed in India because Gene and Cheryl pushed away from the shore.

What will you do? When will you get started? Take some time to connect with others that are ready to launch just like you.

About The Author

Duane Rockensock

Duane (Rocky) Rockensock is a husband, a dad, and the National Reconditioning Manager for AmeriGas Propane. Since he was a teenager, Duane has loved hearing the stories of how people have started creative businesses or found ways to use their talents to accomplish amazing things. For that reason he started this blog to encourage teens and adults to find their purpose and to provide the tools and resources to make that happen!

  • Rocky, thanks for that amazing video.
    It was only short, but it said everything.
    God bless.

    • Thanks Kathy! I see that you are taking action through your own site, Keep up your wonderful work. It is powerful and life changing!