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I understand that selecting the right speaker for an event can be challenging. I hope that this page will give you the information you need to make the process easier. Let me know how I can best assist you as you make your decision.

My goal is to encourage your audience to take action with their gifts, skills, interests and ideas. The potential change that can come from getting your mind focused on worthwhile goals is powerful. Your attendees will hear inspiring stories, real world strategies and motivating action steps that will begin to change their life on the day of your event.

As a speaker to teens and adults for over 20 years, I have been blessed to speak in the public school classroom, in front of company sales teams, as well as leading hundreds of ministry group meetings, Bible Studies, men’s events and career workshops. Serving your audience is my goal. Whether your attendees number 5 or 500, I look forward to making a difference for your organization.

My audiences have included:Speakers Page 4

  • Professional Sales Meetings
  • Small Business Owners Trade Groups
  • Leadership Events
  • Men’s Ministry Event & Bible Study Groups
  • College Students
  • Career Workshops
  • Civic Organizations
  • Junior High & Senior High Youth Groups
  • High School Business, Career and Personal Finance Classes
  • Civic Organizations like Kiwanis and Rotary Club

A Little Bit About Me…

  •  I love seeing people develop their God-given potential. Encouraging my listeners to love their work and value who they are is what I do.
  • I am a National Reconditioning Manager for the largest Propane Supplier in the Country. My work has taught me a great deal about the Trades, Operations Management, Manufacturing, Distribution, Production, and the value of Industrial Skills. These skills are in high demand today. My message inspires people to value a STEM education and to develop their interests in these areas.
  • I am a husband to a wonderful wife and a father to four amazing children. Two of my kids are still at home, one has graduated from college and another has started his own family. Being married and raising a family with my wife has been the biggest blessing of my life so far. This experience shapes my message and motivates me to make the most of every speaking opportunity!
  • My personality type naturally makes me see creative potential in people. So whether they are 16 years old or 60 years old, my passion is to motivate them to become who they were created to be.
  • Financial literacy and Debt Free Living are ideas that are best developed early in life. I have learned lessons in these areas the hard way, and I am passionate about sharing these ideas.
  • As an employer for 15 years I have learned that finding a great job is a process and these skills can be learned. Many people follow conventional wisdom in their job search, but there are better ways!

Topics and Seminars That Have been Most Requested

Speakers Page 1

#1 – Finding, or Creating, Work that You Love

Wouldn’t it be incredible to get up every day looking forward to the work you were about to do? It IS possible, and there are people for whom this is a daily reality. However, many others dread the job they must do each day, or at the very least, they know that they were meant for something more. I have been in this situation myself and have learned that you can take some concrete steps to change your situation. Attendees to this session will come away understanding that:

  • Failure is a good thing.
  • Your Life Experiences, whether good or bad, are preparing you for something more.
  • Identifying work that you love requires an Internal Look.
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur can be the most effective way to create work that you love.
  • Taking action is the most powerful component of this process.

#2 – The Debt Free Challenge – Promoting the Idea of a Debt Free Life

Your Career and your Financial Decisions are closely linked. Taking on personal debt can impact your career options in a negative way, yet it is very common in our culture. This topic introduce the idea that debt free living is not only possible but attractive. Living debt free can speed up the time it takes to save for a traditional retirement, prevent the stress of endless college debt and make it possible to eventually pay cash for any car you like! To dive deep into this topic requires a full day workshop setting, but it can also be condensed into a 60 minute presentation. Attendees will discover the following:

  • Using Cash over Credit encourages you to plan and save. Both are powerful disciplines.
  • Paying Cash for College is better than taking on endless college debt and committing years of your life to debt repayment.
  • Purchasing Cars with a debt free car fund makes it possible to experience peace of mind while providing transportation.
  • It is possible to pay for a Home with cash. This session explores this exciting possibility.
  • Living a Debt Free Life makes it possible to invest sooner and experience the power of Compound Interest. This is an inspiring session!

#3 – Unleash Your Potential – The Sooner, the Better!

The story of David and Goliath can teach us many things about life, accomplishment, courage, persistence, boldness, and the strength of faith and devotion. The story is well known and is a powerful reminder of what can be done with a life that is fearless and focused. This talk is 45 to 60 minutes. It can be expanded into a workshop format as well. Attendees will be challenged with the following ideas:

  • Greatness starts early in life
  • Greatness is the result of Practice and Persistence
  • Greatness is not necessarily the result of natural born Gifts
  • Greatness in spite of Failure
  • Greatness shows up as Boldness in the face of Opposition
  • Greatness is Potential in each of us

What is so incredible about this story is that it motivates the “underdogs”. It helps those who feel that they are overlooked and gives them hope. It challenges everyone to nurture their potential and be careful not to squander it!

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50 Free Downloads of The Debt Free Challenge

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