Does Your Job Fit Your Personality?

a text blockSometimes we need a concrete tool to help us find a great job. The process is not always easy and it usually takes some time. However, if we have some tools to helps us make decisions it can move the process along more quickly.

So one area where people get stuck in their search for meaningful work is identifying a career that “fits”. This can be difficult especially if you have more than one set of skills or area of interest. To help in this process I like to recommend a personality assessment to help give you some guidance. This type of tool is not to identify your next career path, but to provide ideas about environments in which you would thrive. This is critical to discovering work that you love.

Bonus Content: You can download a Free Sample of the 48Days Personality Profile at the end of this post. However if you want to view it now, you can get it here.

As you may guess a personality assessment will focus inward. The process of self-discovery is critical to making a good career decision. While external factors are important the first area you need to understand is what makes you “tick”.

The personality assessment that I recommend is called the 48 Days Personality Profile and is available here or in the sidebar. The basic profile costs less than $30, it can be completed online and you will have your results in minutes. You will receive 28 pages of content that will help you understand your unique personality type. Using the DISC method this profile will help you identify your strengths, will highlight areas in which you would be most comfortable and under which conditions you would thrive. Here is an overview of the DISC categories:

D – Dominant or Driver

This personality type tends to be very goal oriented. They are driven to accomplishment and usually gravitate toward leadership positions. They tend to be very focused and find ways to get the job done. A possible negative to this personality type is that they may be so focused on the goal that they may overlook relationships in their life or tend to run over the people around them.

I – Influencing or Inspiring

This personality type, (the one I identify the most with), is usually associated with being outgoing and people oriented. They are energized by being around people, like to communicate and are not afraid of the spotlight. A potential downside to this personality type is that they tend to overlook the details. It’s not that details are unimportant, but that the details can become boring.

S – Steady, Stable

If you are someone who is very patient or loyal, you likely fit into this personality type of being a high “S”. If so you tend to be a great team player and others find you to be very practical. You are a good listener and you want to be accepted. A possible hang up for you would be that you don’t like to see things change and that you tend to be a little sensitive.

C – Correct, Compliant

In this personality type, you will find folks who are very accurate. They like systems, they like to plan and thrive on the correct application of policy. If you are this person, you tend to be methodical in how you do things and you frown on disorganization. As a negative, you tend to be critical of others and you are a perfectionist.

So does your job fit your personality? As you can see, depending on your personality type some jobs may be very stressful, and others may be a perfect fit. For example if you are a high “C”, then you would likely appreciate jobs that involve detail and compliance. These types of jobs could include accounting or regulation or certain management positions, etc. There are job duties in multiple career fields that need these strengths. Once you are aware of your personality tendencies, then you are armed with the data to make the right job decisions.

Now it is very common for folks to have high tendencies in more than one type of the DISC profile. This creates combinations that make you uniquely suited for certain situations. There is no perfect scenario or description because we all have our own backgrounds and experiences which have shaped us into who we are today. The key is for you to discover your profile and begin to consider this data when it comes to a career path.

Here is a word of caution. The 48Days Personality Profile will give you a list of career ideas depending on the outcome of your assessment. Don’t feel trapped or “pigeon holed” by this information. The best example I have is sales. Usually this is associated with being a high “D” or “I” personality type. However, you can be very successful in certain kinds of sales even if you are not an outgoing person. There are highly technical sales positions that require attention to detail. This may be better suited to someone in the “S” or “C” profile. So be careful not to eliminate options because something is not in your list.

So I highly recommend taking advantage of this tool. It will give you some concrete data to help you form a decision. Does your work fit your personality? If not, it may help to create a plan of action to find something that fits.

Here is a sample profile for you to check out. It will help you identify if this tool is right for you. Thanks for reading this post. Leave a comment below. I would love to connect with you!

If you use any of the links to the 48Days Personality Profile, I will receive a small commission. However the cost is the same if you purchase directly from I recommend this tool because it works, and I am grateful for how it has helped me!

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