The #1 Solution to Paying Cash for College

Students have two main concerns when it comes to their college education. Number one is paying for it and number two is not knowing what to study. The bottom line is that the idea of going deeply into debt for something that has unknown value is becoming more and more terrifying to students.

Depending on who you talk to, it seems like the same advice is being given today as was being given 25 years ago. What I mean is, the pressure to earn a 4-year degree seems to be just as high, even though that advice has negatively impacted our culture and workforce.

Something that has changed, however, is the growth of people speaking out about the dangers of college debt and millennials who are taking action to solve the problem. My goal is to help as many students avoid the stress of college debt in the first place.

So what is the number one solution to these common fears about college? It is not complicated and it gets recommended all the time. However, I think it rarely gets used. If you are convinced that you need a 4-year degree and you aren’t sure what you should study and you don’t have the money to pay for it, then take the steps below:

#1 – Attend a Local Community College for Two Years

#2 – Live at Home to Minimize Expenses

#3 – Work Full-Time to Save for Your Final Two Years of College

#4 – Attend a Four Year, In-State College to Finish your Degree

Yes, that’s it! The #1 solution to Paying Cash for College. Here is how and why it works.

  • The bill for a year’s tuition at my local community college is just over $5000. You can pay cash for this as you go, and save for the final two years of your college program at the same time.
  • Living at home could be a free option for you. If not free, it is likely much cheaper than any other option.
  • Community College programs are accessible to working adults. You can fit them into your schedule.
  • More Community Colleges are providing online degree programs.
  • This is a very inexpensive way for you to identify a course of study and career path. Borrowing money to attend a 4-year college when you don’t know what you want to study is a huge mistake!
  • Many companies will reimburse continuing education. You could get much of your college subsidized! It is not hard to find these jobs. I have hired many people. The company I work for will reimburse continuing education. The sad thing is, almost no one uses this benefit, and it’s free for the taking.
  • Working full-time could be an even bigger source of education. It will help you clarify what you want to do with your future and give you critical work experience at the same time. You need to job shadow the types of work that you may want to do. The best place to do this is in the workplace.

So this solution isn’t for everyone. Some of you will just decide to take the path that everyone else takes, and finance your education with years of debt. Others of you are seeing the warning signs and are determined to do something different.

If you have another good way to pay cash for college, leave a note in the comments below. If you have a specific question about this process, go ahead and ask that as well.

Thanks for reading! I wish you well on your path to paying cash for college. I know you can do this! Let’s connect on Facebook and Twitter. I would love to encourage you along the way.

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