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50 Ideas to help you get started on your own business. Some of these ideas work well in a Farmer’s Market setting and some will be done outside of a fixed location. The bottom line is that all of these ideas can be started for very little money. Get started on your business idea today!

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Low Cost Ebook Sample Page 2The Low Cost Business Ideas E-book can give you the specific start you need, or they will stimulate your thinking so you can come up with your own idea that fits who you are.

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Pay what you feel comfortable paying. $1, $2.49, $5, $10, $17, or more if you choose! Even ZERO if you just don’t have the cash!! My goal is for you to get started on your business idea, and I don’t want money to stand in your way. If you can afford to pay, I am grateful. If you decide to pay, even a little, for this resource, you are more likely to do something with it anyway. Thanks for downloading this resource!

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