Are you a great leader? Leadership is something that all of us will need to display at some time in our life. Whether we lead others by choice or as part of our job description, or we have folks around us that look to us for leadership, we will all need to learn to be better in this area.

Dolly Parton, the famous singer, actor and business woman said, “If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are an excellent leader.”

There is an opportunity coming to Owatonna, for you to discover how to be a better Leader. It is called Leadercast Owatonna. Take a moment to watch the video and consider if you would like to be a part of this event. Leadercast as an organization has been around for years and has grown into one of the world’s largest one day leadership conferences. It is an opportunity to hear from several amazing speakers on the topic of leadership and it will help motivate you to become a leader worth following.

If you would like more information, please read more about this event here. Otherwise leave a comment below and I will be happy to answer your questions!

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Duane Rockensock

Duane (Rocky) Rockensock is a husband, a dad, and the National Reconditioning Manager for AmeriGas Propane. Since he was a teenager, Duane has loved hearing the stories of how people have started creative businesses or found ways to use their talents to accomplish amazing things. For that reason he started this blog to encourage teens and adults to find their purpose and to provide the tools and resources to make that happen!

  • Hi Rocky, inspiring video – thanks for sharing. Something we don’t hear much about here down under.

    • Thanks Heather! I love the speakers that are at this year’s event. Very inspiring and motivating. Perhaps there will be one closer to you next May! I think the 2015 Live Simulcast is on May 8th. Perhaps you could host one of your own!!