How Does Amazon Build Great Teams?

I had a great conversation with the General Manager of an Amazon Distribution Center the other day. He was an inspiring man with a great story, but that is for another post. What I would like to share with you today is what I learned about how Amazon hires and then builds a team of great employees.

So how does Amazon build great teams? The General Manager that I spoke with talked about these things:

Attitude – So when I spoke this GM, he told me that the first thing he looks for is a great attitude in the applicant that he is interviewing. Attitude is everything. How engaged are you in the interview? Do you show enthusiasm for what is ahead? Do you appear to be someone that he would want on his team? Someone with a great attitude is valuable to a team environment.

Preparation – What he was talking about here was preparation for an interview. He is not impressed when an applicant is not prepared for even basic interview questions. Like most managers he will ask open ended questions that are designed to get you to talk. It’s the best way to learn about you. So you need to be prepared. You need to think a little bit on your feet. You need to have something to talk about. You need to be able to put sentences together that make sense. It is important for you to verbally describe your work experience, give specific examples when asked, and share your opinions. The future favors the prepared.

Experience – In most cases great experience trumps a great education. If you have valuable related experience, you are much more desirable than someone who only has a degree. I need to mention that Amazon expects you to have a degree if you are going to pursue a management position, but they highly value experience. If you are an older applicant, you should not feel as though you would not be valuable to this company. Amazon is a huge network that is built on logistics. They are all about shipping products to customers in the most efficient way possible. If you have experience in any part of making an organization like this successful they will want to talk to you.

Action – One of the most exciting things I learned was that Amazon is intentional about promoting its people. They promote employees that have a bias toward action. They are constantly looking to innovate and do old processes in new and better ways. They are regularly in the news because of some new way they are solving problems for the consumer. Are you open to new ideas? Have you attempted new things? Have you taken action in your current job? Are you someone that makes things happen? Do you look for new and better ways to do old tasks? All of this is important to a company like Amazon. Simply put, they intend to grow. They need action takers on their team to make this happen.

Not only does Amazon sound like a great place to work, they have a great philosophy about hiring good people. I was very impressed with this General Manager and he represented his company well.

All of these qualities are valuable to any company. Do you possess some of them? If you do, you could be ready to take the next big step in your career. I encourage you to make something happen today.

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