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Free SignFREE Giveaway! Yes, you heard correctly! I am giving away two Free Copies of an E-book with no strings attached. Period! Just tell me why you need it, and you may be the one!

Here is the E-book:  It is called, “31 Powerful Lessons” – Empowering Teens and Young Adults to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset. The Author is Julia Neiman from Los Angeles, California. She has a passion to help young people gain control of their future by learning how to become entrepreneurs. She has worked for years helping troubled teens in foster care and those with mental health needs. For Julia, it is important to see young people develop their skills and abilities and put them to work in a business of their own.

If you have read my blog for very long, you will recognize that this is also my passion and it just makes sense for me to tell you all about this. The book didn’t take me long to read and I was impressed with all of the great information. It is filled with motivation and great tips on how to:



  • Get Stuff Done
  • Face Your Fear
  • Cope With Rejection
  • Get Moving
  • Become an Inspiring Leader
  • And Tons More…



Here is an excerpt from page 78 that impressed me, plus it had a picture of Yoda! What!!

Free Giveaway Excerpt

Parents, you will want this for your teen if they are interested in starting a business. Teens, if you are trying to figure out what your future will look like, this would be a really helpful resource for you as well. Adults, you will benefit from this book as well. It is an easy read, but it is packed with great information.

 (Just so you know, I am currently NOT an affiliate for this product, but I likely will be soon. I want you to know that it is a great resource, and I am happy to recommend it.)

 So here is all you need to do. In the comments section below, tell me how this e-book could really help you. That’s it! That’s all! You don’t need to sign up for anything, just tell me how you could be helped by this book, and I may pick you as one of the winners!

 One week from today, on May 16th, I will go through the comments and will select two winners. Hopefully one will be you! Thanks, and Leave a comment below!

About The Author

Duane Rockensock

Duane (Rocky) Rockensock is a husband, a dad, and the National Reconditioning Manager for AmeriGas Propane. Since he was a teenager, Duane has loved hearing the stories of how people have started creative businesses or found ways to use their talents to accomplish amazing things. For that reason he started this blog to encourage teens and adults to find their purpose and to provide the tools and resources to make that happen!

  • Here is where you leave your comments. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Rocky, looks like a valuable resource.
    Why do I need it? To inspire the teens in my circle! I am blessed with the opportunity to be involved with a lot of families who are raising up leaders.

  • You do a great job inspiring teens that hear your message. I have talked to one in particular that is very exited after learning what you teach. Thanks for what you do, Cheri!

  • Isaac

    I deserve to win, because I am anxious to read the book and I feel that it can help me learn a lot.

    • Thanks for commenting, Ryan. It is great to hear from you!

  • I really want the book so i can get some new ideas for the music business i want to start and i want to hire new wanting to start bands and DJ’s so i can let the world know that i am serious about my work and wanting to make them famous for the better living status because I have been so many people in the DJ business and i really want to help everyone with the wanting to be rich status

    • Corey, I remember you from your comments in class! Thanks for adding a comment on the article. I love your passion for the music industry. I will try to send a couple of links your way that will help!

  • Alex Wiede

    I think that i should get the book because i would like to know more about what it takes to start a business

    • Glad you are interested, Alex!

  • Austin

    I deserve to win the book because I think it will help in starting a business in the future

  • P a y t o n < 3

    Hello Rocky,
    I need this book because i’m in need of this book because I need tips on learning to get stuff done. And also, to cope with rejection without being angry.
    Lil P

    • Hey Payton! Thanks for commenting! You have me worried now. Don’t get angry if you don’t win 😉 There are a lot of great entries!

  • rachel

    i am from one of the inrto to businesses classes you came and did a prestentation for, after your prestentation it helped me realize my business can be anything i want it to be. im not sure if i want to start my own business but it is something i am interested in learning about, thats why i think this book could help me.

    • You are right about your options for starting a business. There are so many ways you can go. The more you learn, the more amazed you will be. Thanks for leaving a comment, Rachel!

  • Luke Bunkers

    I believe that I should get this book because I want to have a future is business. This book would help educate me in how to find a job that I would enjoy doing. This book could be the key to my success. This book would truely inspire me to succeed in life. Thank you for your time.

    • Luke, If you work hard like your dad, you will be successful. I admire your desire to be a business owner. Thanks for commenting!

  • Alannys

    I could use this book to give me a further understanding on how to get a business going after i finish high school and college.

  • I would really like to have this book because ever since you came to my business class taught by scott pierce I have been interested in starting a business involving my favorite thing to do in my spare time whitch is go hunting or fishing with family and friends so I would really like to have this book to teach me the basics of starting a business

    • Garrett, there are many great business options out there for someone with your interests. I encourage you to start soon with this path. Don’t wait for something to change in your life, go start making something happen!

  • Ian Simon

    i belive i can use this book in the future, when i go to colledge I plan to major in architecture and minor in business. coming out of college i would probably start out as an architecte untill I feel i am ready to start my own architecture firm. i have many resources to become an architect, unfourtionatly I need more information on how to run a business. Thank You

    • Thanks for commenting, Ian! Learn everything you can. There are tons of great resources out there that you can find. Sounds like you have a great path!

  • Payton

    Hey Rocky, I come from a family of entrepreneurs. I have been looking into going to college for business. I think this book would help me get my start.

  • Cameron

    I was the guy who had to leave during your presentation on Friday. From what I heard you really enjoy what you do. I hope to find something that I really love to do for my job. I believe that this book would help me find that thing.

    • You are a great sport, Cameron! Thanks for the kind words. I do really love what I am doing. You can too! The majority of the search is inward. When you know your skills and passions, you can find a great career path. Thanks for commenting!

  • Julius

    I believe your book will help me understand the steps and things I need to be a great entrepreneur. I have had plenty of plans and ideas about things and starting up something myself. But there is one thing thats stopping me which is my knowledge on how to start up a business. I feel the book will help me greatly with getting to know more about owning a business.

    • Julius, thanks for commenting. It all starts with an idea! I encourage you to take steps on one of your ideas and make things start happening, even while in High School!

  • Dexter Leer

    I have thoughts of being an entrepreneur and I would like to win your book because I feel that it could be very useful in gaining the knowledge for the skills needed to be able to start the business I would want. It would also help with ideas on what to do.

    • Hey Dexter, there are many books that can help with the process, and this is one of them. Stay tuned to this blog. My e-book (nearing completion) will have a lot of great business ideas for teens. Thanks for commenting!

  • Kiley Boomgarden

    im in 9th grade and ever since i was youger i wanted to start my own business. I would love to win this book because i think it would really help me and give me excellent tips on how to run my business and start it. I am in an intro to business class right now and i absolutely love it! This sounds like an excellent and very helpful book and i really want to read it.

    • Kiley, glad you like Mr. Pierce’s class. I also love hearing about business and how they work. I hope you take action on a business idea. Shoot me your questions if you have some!

  • Carline

    I am from the intro to business class you visited recently. My father and great-grandfather were both very successful business men, and I want to follow in their foot steps. I know I want to have a future in business, but I haven’t been drawn to any particular area. I want to explore my options and use all recources to do so. This book looks great for helping me start and grow a business in the near future.

    • You have a great family heritage, Carline! I hope you can make the most of it!

  • Justin

    I really enjoyed you coming and talking to our class. You taught me some valuable resources on starting a buisness. I am currently looking to go into buissness and I would really enjoy reading the book because I think it could expand my knowledge to better myself for the road ahead.

    • Justin, I wish you the best! Thanks for commenting.

  • Pete

    I am a young aspiring entrepreneur and I would love to win your book because it would be a key role in helping me in my climb to start a successful business. I don’t have a lot of experience in business, and this book would build a good base for me. Thanks.

    • Thanks for commenting, Pete!

  • rage iman

    I think i deserve this book because it gives me new experience and eduicates me.
    This bokk helps me find a job for my future business. This book would inspire me for an excitement learning .Thanks for your time.

  • Marissa Bush

    This looks like a book I could use because in my future one of my plans is to either open my own busniess or taking over my parents buisness (Bush Garden Gladiolas, & Panche Floral) This book could really help me decide if I have the skills to run my own business. Ive heard from people that I have some of the skills but this book could be a good way to deicide if its a good idea to start the process of running my own business. i also wanna know how to get started. This book could really help me!

    • Marissa, thanks for your comment here as well as in class. It was nice to talk to someone who was so familiar with the Farmer’s Market. Your interest in learning to do business well will help you be successful. I wish you the best!

  • brooke

    I could us this inspiring book to help me start a business of my own. I would be happy to learn from people with your wisdom. Right now I am in intro to business where I have learned so much on how business works and how starting my own can make for a better life. Knowledge is key to success even if I dont recicve this book I will most likely purchess it. My future is un-clear yet but i know i will go on to college most likely to pursue a business degree.

    • Good for you, Brooke! The desire to learn is huge! When you want to learn, you will. Education is all around you!

  • Amber

    I would love to get this book to make me more understanding about a business. It would help me get a better feel of how a business is ran. I want to start a vet business this would help me further understand how to have my own business. I know exactly what i want to do after high school and study in college but, this book could help me make that goal come true. I am in intro to business to help me know more about a business and I think this book would help me even more. I know that aving a business is a big responsibility and a lot of hard work. I have always dreamed of haveing a a vet business since I was little and I think with a little help I could get there to my dream. With a lot of inspiration from experinced people i could make my dream happen.

    • Amber, when you know what you want to do at your age, it is huge! It was cool to interact with you in class! Thanks for commenting!

  • rage iman

    I think this book would inspire not only me but alot of people including those who work on a business. this book may be needed by someone in some day because of the importance of it.

    • Thanks Rage! This book will help a lot of people. Glad you are interested!

  • Vebjoern

    I really like what you do. I’m an exchange student and I had you as a speaker in my Business class. I would like to bring some of the ideas back home when i leave. I think this book will help me understand business better.

    • Vebjoern, it was cool to meet you after class! I wish you the best, and I hope you win!

  • Kolten

    Im from the owatonna high school and you came to our intro to buisness class and gave us a presentation on buisness. Your presentation made me realize that theres alot of options out in the real world. I think this book will help me understand buiness more and get me more into the world of buisness.

  • Andrija

    We had you as a speeker in our Business class. You catched my attention and inspired me to think more about the future and to choose the right life path. My biggest fear is to make a bad decision about the future job and future career. I’m exchanged student and this is my senior year. After the summer I need to start going on university, but still don’t know which one. I’m in a big doubt what should my future career be. I do a lot of reserch about life decisions and I read some books, but they didn’t help me. I hope that this book can help me to decide what should I be in life.

    • Andrija, 85% of the process of finding work that you love, is by looking inside. The the advice and opinion of others, and identify your unique areas of passion and competence. You have time. You will discover it! Thanks for commenting!

  • Abigail

    Hey Rocky…
    The Webster’s New World Dictionary defines an entrepreneur as: “one who organizes a business undertaking, assuming the risk at the sake of the profit”.

    I’ve had what my grandma calls an “entrepreneurial spirit” ever since I was five, when I sold rocks in our front yard. Shortly after that, my family and I began setting up at farmer’s market; which I loved. Last year I set out on my own, setting up at farmer’s market with knitted items, and an occasional popcorn ball. This winter, I re- evaluated my booth. I was only making about $20 per Saturday, and sitting there from 6:30 am- 12:00 am. That’s a lot of time, energy, hard work, and patience to only be earning 20 bucks!
    So, I’ve decided that I love the farmer’s market atmosphere, and want to continue setting up. But, what could I make and SELL that earns me a little more money? I’m ready to assume Webster’s dictionary’s idea of an entrepreneur, and organize a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of the profit.
    I think that this book holds the path that I’m looking for, and will show me how to get there. Hand in hand with this book, chances are, I’d earn more than 20 dollars a Saturday!

  • Abigail, you inspire me! Like most entrepreneurs, you are trying to find the right blend of what excites you and what excites your customer. I know you will find it! I will crunch some ideas in my head and see if something happens. Thanks for commenting!

  • hunter jarimiah jirele

    i would like the book beacause i will

  • hunter m0hhamed jirele

    hey rocky i think i desserve that book because i really enjoy a good book and want some inspiration! thank you very much for coming in.

  • Navdeep

    I love to read this book as I believe that your entire entrepreneurship experience revolve around three important words .. Why, How and What.. This means why i want to be an entrepreneur, how i will become one and what I will get out of it .. I have realised most of small startup’s who start their business but tend to close down soon because their thinking starts from bottom to up .. ,that is, what i will gain out of my business (profit/loss), how i will do it and last but not the least why I am doing this …

    So to learn the skill which you have gain out of your experience I would like to know your thoughts.

    • Navdeep, thanks for commenting on this post. Unfortunately the contest ended on the 16th, but feel free to read more about the book here.

      I know it will help you as you search for your best options.
      Thanks again!