Five Ideas to Help you Get Things Done!

ChecklistWhen you are working on growing a new business, starting a project at home or taking your business to the next stage of success, there are tons of new things to do. These things are not a part of your normal duties or daily routine and it is difficult if not impossible to get them done. Most likely you still need to do all the same tasks that you normally are responsible for, but now you must add in these new jobs. How do you get it all done? How do you fit these extra things in and still have time to breathe?

Here are a few ideas. By the way, I am growing in this area, so these are ideas that I have picked up, am working on, but have not mastered, yet…

Set a Deadline. Yes I know this is kind of lame, but it still works, at least it gets me closer to completion. I recently set a deadline to get a writing project completed. The closer to the deadline the more intense was the pressure to get it completed. I worked very hard during the final hours and today the first part is complete. However I missed my deadline, by a few hours. But that’s ok! I feel the satisfaction of completing the project and I am pleased with the result. Saying you will have something done “someday” will ensure that you never get it done. This is something I am good at. The deadline thing, I am still working on it! Go ahead, set your deadline. Even if you only get it half completed you are still moving forward.

Tell Someone. This is about accountability, and it can be very effective. It is best if you tell the right person however. You need to tell someone that will ask you the right questions and will push a little. “Did you get that thing done?” they might ask. When you say “no, not yet” the right person will ask “why?” They also might suggest some things that you can do to get the project completed, or they might encourage you with the importance of finishing. Sometimes it helps to have someone remind us of our original intentions. It is easy to lose sight of our motivation in the middle of a project. A good friend or coach can really help with this.

Book the Event. This is different than a deadline. This is a combination of accountability and setting a deadline. This is committing to a date where other people are depending on you getting the work done. Most of my home remodeling projects were completed this way. I get started before a holiday when family is coming to visit. This forces me to complete the job. More recently I booked a speaking engagement that forced me to have my material ready for presentation. The motivation to follow through for other people is huge.

Can it Wait? Can you temporarily set some things aside until your project is completed? For my recent deadlines, I temporarily halted my regular blog posts. My goal is to write a new post every week, but it just wasn’t possible while working on my project. I knew that I wouldn’t have enough time with my family and my work was keeping me busy with travel. So something had to change. Can you set aside some chores to get your project completed? It may be worth it temporarily.

Delegate It! My travel schedule has forced me to start delegating more things. DOES IT FEEL GOOD! Even having one or two things off your plate is a beautiful thing, and can really free up your time. Can your children take on more tasks at home? If they are like most kids, they probably could benefit from more responsibility.  Are you holding on to too many tasks at work that can be handed off to someone equally qualified? They may even do a better job than you! Think about it. It may give you the time you need to get that extra project done.

So these are five ideas to help you get things done. Remember, projects are the things that tend to move us forward in life. They make our work world better. They get us recognized, or make us more profitable, or safer, or more organized or give us a better quality of life or help us to provide more value to our world. These ideas are things that I am currently using to help me get things accomplished. Trust me, I need a ton of help with this!

Do you have some ideas that have worked for you? I would love to hear them. Leave a note in the comments section below. I would also be honored if you “liked” my Facebook page and shared this post with people you know. Thanks for being a reader. You mean more to me than you know!

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