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B-ball picTeaching someone a skill can be a successful small business model. When you are a coach, you are doing just that. This Post is an excerpt from my Free E-book and is one of those entrepreneur ideas that is often overlooked. I hope you will give this a try, or pass it along to someone who needs it!


We spend a lot of time these days, learning how to play sports and being athletic. Many of you have already spent years developing your skills in one or more sport. There are a lot of parents out there that don’t have the time, or their job schedule doesn’t allow them to do some of the hands on type of training that you have the ability to do. Parents are also looking to fill their children’s schedules during summer break and would welcome the opportunity for their young athletes to learn some sports skills. This is also an opportunity to have a positive influence in the lives of young people and to get paid for it as well.


This is an opportunity that is regularly overlooked and so I think high school and college age athletes are missing an enormous opportunity. I know a man who helped to put himself through college by starting a Martial Arts Club and by teaching and coaching in this sport. He didn’t have any certifications to do so, but he had an interest and had demonstrated skills in the Martial Arts. He had studied since the age of 16 and turned this interest into an income opportunity.


Another young man, right here in Owatonna, started a Summer Basketball camp called Odyssey Camps.  Each summer a couple of hundred students would participate two days a week for a month. They would be taught the fundamentals and would practice basketball skills. He would bring in guest coaches from college teams and would have players come and sign autographs. This college student paid for his education by running this camp, and was very successful at it.


Don’t let the lack of a degree keep you from doing something in this area. If you have demonstrated a proficiency in your sport, you can teach that skill to others to help them improve their game.


Let’s do some math on the earning potential of a small business like this. Let’s say you sign up 20 students for your basketball or volleyball clinic. If each of them pay $60 for a month long sports camp that meets twice a week for two hours, you would earn $1200. If you conducted more than one camp at a time, you could double or triple that figure. Do your research on prices and what is offered by sports camps or clinics in your area. The Odyssey Camp that I mentioned earlier was over $200 a student and met at the local Junior High School.


Not everyone can be a good coach however. You need to get some feedback from people you trust. Some people don’t have the patience or the people skills that are needed. However, if you are willing to learn and you have the desire to teach your skills this may be an option for you. You have a very good chance to earn more with this small business idea than you could with a part time job.

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