Enslaved by Daily Trivia

Clearly defined goalsI do not claim to be an expert on the topic of goal setting or keeping. In fact, it is one of the hardest things for me to do well. I have learned that my personality contributes to this condition, and I have to work hard to overcome my natural tendencies. Details are a struggle for me, so following through on maintaining goals can be a real challenge.

This quote seems to accurately describe me as well as our culture. We are all very good at performing daily trivia. In fact we have so much trivia competing for our attention that we are probably enslaved more easily than any other generation.

So here are three things that I am doing this year to keep myself on track with my goals:

I have learned that I need to have a morning routine. This year I have developed the habit of exercising early in the morning. To help me do this, I have combined exercise with some of the “daily trivia” that tends to make me waste time. I am a news/talk junkie. When I watch my favorite news shows, I tend to waste close to an hour of my day, and it really hasn’t changed my future. I may be better informed, but I have not moved the needle one bit on my goals. So my solution is to watch video clips from my favorite news shows during my morning exercise routine, and it is really working! It’s going on three months now and it looks like I am developing a good exercise habit. I am more fit, losing inches, and seeing some good results with my quality of life as well.

I have learned that I need motivation. This is normal. We all need to be encouraged to work hard at our goals. It is too easy to become discouraged. It is too easy to become distracted. For me, I read good books that motivate me, and I listen to great podcasts. Zig Ziglar said “Motivation is like bathing. That’s why I recommend it daily!”

I need a visual reminder. For me this is a picture on the desktop of my computer. I found an image of a place where I would love to have a home someday. This is a constant reminder of why I am working hard, and what I hope to accomplish. It reminds me of commitments that I’ve made, and it gives me the daily nudge that I need.

So what works for you? Are you becoming enslaved by daily trivia? It’s easy to do, and you need to find a way to fight it. Let me know what is, or isn’t, working. I would love to talk about it. Leave a comment below. If this post was helpful, subscribe to my blog and let’s stay in touch. Thanks for reading!

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Duane Rockensock

Duane (Rocky) Rockensock is a husband, a dad, and the National Reconditioning Manager for AmeriGas Propane. Since he was a teenager, Duane has loved hearing the stories of how people have started creative businesses or found ways to use their talents to accomplish amazing things. For that reason he started this blog to encourage teens and adults to find their purpose and to provide the tools and resources to make that happen!

  • Ugh, the trivial things of the day! Thanks for the reminder. I fight daily trivia with my timer. Whatever task I’m focused on, I give it a concerted effort for a set amount of time (usually 10-30 minutes), and then I try to wrap it up and move on.

    • What a great tip! Fight trivia with a timer. That could work well to bring us back to reality AND what’s most important. Thanks for reading!