Education vs. Intelligence

A Philosopher named Charles Kettering said, “The difference between intelligence and education is this: Intelligence will make you a good living”. I have seen this so many times in my life. The stories I love to tell, when it comes to people building a cool business or discovering their purpose, all come from somebody using their intelligence. This is not the same as being highly educated!

The definition of Intelligence is, the capacity for learning, reasoning and understanding…. For me, the idea of intelligence brings with it a sense of knowing what to do with what you know and then doing it! For example, most adults have the math skills that are required to create a family budget and to keep track of their spending. Does this mean that all adults are good at living below their means, spending less than they make, or keeping control of their finances? No! Unfortunately many of us, me included, have struggled with this basic task at some point. I see intelligence as the ability to do useful things with what you know. Some may call this “common sense” or “street smarts”. Whatever you call it, intelligence is a good thing to have!

So what is your story? Have you done something with what you have learned so far in your life? Do you have a great idea? What have you done with it? Have you always wanted to do_________? Have you gotten started?  Do you believe that you have the ability to do big things with what you already know? The key isn’t more education, but acting on your education. I have talked to college educated people that are hesitant to start a business until they get an MBA. Why wait?! If intelligence is truly the ability to do useful things with what you already know, then get started today!  St. Francis of Assisi said this: “Start with what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible!” Before long, we will all be looking at you and talking about how intelligent you are!

About The Author

Duane Rockensock

Duane (Rocky) Rockensock is a husband, a dad, and the National Reconditioning Manager for AmeriGas Propane. Since he was a teenager, Duane has loved hearing the stories of how people have started creative businesses or found ways to use their talents to accomplish amazing things. For that reason he started this blog to encourage teens and adults to find their purpose and to provide the tools and resources to make that happen!