A Creative Job Search Strategy

COFFEEMost job search strategies involve searching job postings submitting dozens if not hundreds of resumes and filling out multiple applications in hopes of getting an interview. They also involve joining job boards online and searching for what is currently being advertised. Before you keep going down this path, I suggest that you consider a creative job search strategy that will get you exclusive attention. Here is the strategy in more detail.

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Identify your unique skills, passions, personality type and Desired Line of Work.

This is step number one and is critical to your success. If you need some help with this I recently published a post that addresses this issue. Most likely you know the direction you are going, but this is the most important part of the process. An internal evaluation is paramount to finding work that you love. If you are trying to find work that you can do, it may not fit work that brings you energy and joy. However, I know that sometimes you just need to find work, so you must decide what your desired line of work will be.

Create a list of Companies that need your Unique Skills and Abilities.

Develop a list of 30 to 40 companies that would want your skill set. This is the second and perhaps most exciting part of the process. It also can prove to be difficult if you don’t know how to search for these companies. Many times there are companies in your own town that just aren’t on your radar. Most of these companies are looking for good people with skills like yours. You just need to find them, and they need to find you! This is where a FREE search tool comes in handy. This search tool is a part of most public library websites and is a powerful way to search for companies. I have created a short video that explains this process in more detail, and shows a quick tutorial about how to use the search tool. Reference USA is the database and can be found under “databases and downloads” or something similar, on your public library’s web page. You can log in using your library card number and begin creating a list of companies that match your search criteria. Again, search for companies that have a need for your skills.

Get Your Resume in Front of Decision Makers.

Once you have a list of target companies, identify the decision makers in your desired department. This might be a sales manager or operations manager. It is generally not going to be the HR Manager because they may not be aware that someone is looking to fill a position. Yes this is true. Since a job has not been posted, they are usually not going to be involved in identifying new talent, and this is what makes this strategy so important. This is why the search process is necessary. You need contact information to find departments heads and decision makers. When a department manager or decision maker learns of your abilities, they are the ones that become interested in who and what you are. They begin to make things happen, and this is exactly what you need. Don’t get lost in a list of hundreds of applicants all looking for the same position, be the only applicant for a position that hasn’t been posted, or may not have even been created yet! Yes, this happens when decision makers discover what you bring to the table. They make it possible for you to join their team. They are always looking for good talent and most companies have needs for strong employees.

When you use this process, be prepared for companies to take action on your resume. Don’t be afraid to follow up, and get ready to have an interview. Take the time to research the 30 to 40 target companies On your list. Make sure to mail your resume in an actual envelope addressed to the decision maker. You need this to be opened and you need to stand out. Consider sending a cover letter first to all of your list. This will prepare them for your resume. Get ready to have more than one interview and more than one offer on the table. Now you are in a power position. This is right where you want to be.

Give this a shot. It will be worth your time. Why use the same failing strategy that everyone else is using? Comment below and let me know how I can help you further!

Bonus Content: Feel free to download a short PDF explaining this process that you can share with friends, family or save on your device.

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