College Students, Don’t Wait to Find a Job in Your Career Field

I was recently speaking to a second year trade school student about his college experience. He said that he enjoyed his first year of school but that he was learning even more from his job. He had just completed a 60 hour week of summer work as an electrician laborer. He is getting critical experience from his work because it directly applies to his future as well as his college training. What a great path to be on!

I asked him how many students were in his class and what they were doing for work. He said there are currently 16 students taking the same electrician training but only one other student was doing work in a related field. The remaining students were working the stereotypical college student jobs of fast food and retail.

This was a big surprise to me. There is an enormous need for trade workers and the pay is good. Why wouldn’t you seek work in the field for which you are training? Sometimes I wonder if students don’t feel confident enough to go looking for work in their field.

I am not sure why these students have chosen this path, but let me suggest a few reasons why they should look for work in their field.

  • The Pay is Likely Better – In this example, the student that is working as a laborer for an electrician is making much better money on average than his peers. He has chosen a field that is in high demand and has plenty of job openings. This drives wages up, gives you lots of hours, and encourages employers to offer flexible conditions.
  • You Get Real Life Experience – While any job is good training if you are willing to learn, working in your field gives you targeted training and targeted experience.This is critical to your future employment. If you have a couple of years of on the job training, you are going to be a much more attractive applicant.
  • You Will Learn More in the Classroom – This student has an opportunity to immediately apply what he has learned in the classroom to his daily work. He also has a frame of reference when he sits in class. Direct application of your education will help you remember specific details. This will improve your performance in both environments.
  • You can Decide if the Path you are on is a Good Fit – Too many students discover after their education is complete, or after they are too far in, that they really don’t want to work in this field. Getting some experience along the way helps you to make more timely decisions for your education.

So College Students, don’t wait to find a job in your career field. Whether you are attending trade school or getting a four year degree, do everything you can to get specific, targeted experience. I am giving you permission, so go make it happen! If you need some help with this process, here is a resource to get you started.

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