College Student Earns $25 per Hour!

There aren’t too many jobs you can get as a college student that will pay $25 per hour. It is important to find every great opportunity and take advantage of it. Check this one out.

My daughter went away to college 5 years ago. Since she had a lot of babysitting experience she took the time to set up a profile on This organization will do a background search on you as a caregiver. Customers will use the service to find you. They are looking for reliable help and you are looking for customers.

It wasn’t long before my daughter was connected to several customers that needed childcare. (the service will also connect people that work with the elderly) The cool thing is that she got connected to a couple of wealthy families that paid very well. They referred her to other wealthy families that also paid well. It was not uncommon for her to earn $25 per hour, and sometimes for very long shifts.

While making this kind of hourly wage may not be the norm, it is a great way for you to get paid for your childcare skills. Trust me, it is important for families to find reliable help and they will pay to get it. Here are more good tips:

The Agency Will Follow You Home for the Summer

Here is what I mean. The Spring semester was over and my daughter packed up to come home. Before she had even made it back to town, she was being contacted by a family from our area. They read her updated profile on and learned that she would be available. She found employment for the summer even before she made it back! That’s huge!

You Need to Market Yourself as Well

Don’t rely on this service or another to find a job for you. You need to do the work. One of the best ways is through social media. If you have a network of families that you have done childcare for in the past, let them know the times that you are available. People wait until the last minute plan their dates, and often it’s too late to find childcare.

So take this off your customer’s plate for them. Remind them when you are free to work. Don’t be surprised if you get multiple requests. The weekend can sneak up on people and your reminder can trigger work for you and a night out for them. Getting this work is really up to you.

Don’t Overlook Other Valuable Services that You Could Charge For

In Thomas Stanley’s book, The Millionaire Next Door, he talks about how important it is for young people to create a valuable service and offer it to millionaires. Wealthy people are willing to pay for services that they find valuable. These could be repairs, or lawn care, or landscaping or window washing or many other things.

When you have impressed someone with your childcare ability and your work ethic, take the time to offer other services as well. You may find ways to make even more money!

The Hours Often Fit Very Well with College Life

Many jobs are rough for college students to fit into their schedule. Child care is usually in the evenings and on weekends. Of course you can find almost any schedule, but you may just find something that works perfectly for your situation.

So when I say that a “College Student earns $25 per hour!” do you say “I can’t do that!” or “Not around here!”? Isn’t it time to find something that will pay a little more? Don’t assume that these opportunities don’t exist in your area. Do you have childcare experience? This may be the option for you.

Take action today and make it happen!

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