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Is This True for You?

  • You know that you were Created to Make a Difference
  • You have Skills, but they are Not Being Used
  • You are Pretty Sure that a Mountain of College Debt is not the Right Path to a Meaningful Career
  • You Wonder if you will Ever Find a Great Job that Fits Who God Created You to Be!
  • You Admire People who Work with their Hands
  • You Want to Build and Grow a Business
  • You Know you Need an Education, but You Want to Pay Cash for it

What I Do and Why

Where It Started For Me

I started WorkYouCanLove.com back in 2012 as a way to Inspire people to Live and Love their Work. Many people get trapped in their jobs thinking that there isn't anything better for them. Another problem is that we make poor financial decisions (I know I did!) and suddenly our career options are limited. You can find or create work that you love. Let me help!

The FreedomInitiative.net is an Online Membership Group for College Age Students. It is critical that students this age have a place they can go to get training, encouragement, inspiration and motivation.

Most students are told that a Four-Year Degree is the only responsible path to adulthood and a meaningful career. It is my belief that this is just one path to creating a life of purpose and sometimes it can be the WRONG choice.

My goal is to provide the training and inspiration needed to help students choose the RIGHT path, not the path taken by everyone else.

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My name is Duane (Rocky) Rockensock. I am blessed to be a husband to a wonderful woman and a father to four amazing children. I can also say now that I am proud to have an amazing daughter-in-law as well. God has blessed me beyond anything I could hope for!

In my "day job" I am the National Reconditioning Manager for AmeriGas Propane. This company has truly been a blessing in my life. I have the privilege of hiring and managing  skilled Maintenance Technicians across the country.  In this role I have learned the value of industrial skills in today's marketplace. In addition I have observed how an employee's personality style, attitude and work ethic has a huge impact on their success in any organization.

In the past I had the privilege to be a Youth Pastor to Junior High Students. What an amazing age of discovery! Even today I look for opportunities to speak to students in a variety of settings, and regularly speak in several classes at our local high school. Students are anxious to shape their future and have a craving to make an impact with their life and career.

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