Are You Willing to Do Hard Work?

hard work

“I’m Leaking!” said the young baseball player at his first serious practice. He was referring to how much he was sweating. Apparently, he was not familiar with how much you can sweat when you are working hard and it’s hot! Working hard is skill that is increasingly in short supply. Unemployment is still high, yet…

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Five Step Job Search Strategy

Five Step Job Search Strategy 2

Anytime we have a big hurdle to overcome, like finding a new or better job, it helps to have a strategy. Especially if what we are currently doing is not working, or if we are uncertain. Here is a proven strategy that I encourage you to follow. These steps have worked for thousands of job…

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Soft Skills are the Key to Getting a Job


More and more I read about how difficult it is for employers to find people with basic job skills. The skills I am referring to are called “soft skills.” Soft Skills are qualities like: Work Ethic Attitude Leadership Good Communication Showing Up On Time Dressing Appropriately Working with Others Cooperation Patience Responsibility These skills are…

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Greatness Looks Fearless

“The thing is to understand myself, to

Was David afraid when he ran out to meet Goliath? I don’t know. The Biblical text doesn’t tell us. What it DOES show is a confident young man who gathered the information he needed and confidently “took care of business”. David was secure in his faith and his purpose. He was resolved that what he…

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Greatness Ignores the Negative

Greatness Ignores the Negative

How many of you are facing a huge challenge? Is it related to your work, or the business you are trying to start? Do you desire a new direction in your life? When we are in these situations, we often get negative criticism from people who think we are doing the wrong thing, or going…

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Greatness Starts with Practice and Persistence

It is the Nature of Man to Rise to

So David may have been born into a situation that destined him for greatness, but do you really think that was it? I mean, do you know anything about his brothers? They were born into the same family as he was? They had the same opportunities, yet they moved on into obscurity while David went…

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Greatness Starts Early in Life

Be not afraid of Greatness; some are

When we are young, we dream of doing something significant, something big or making a difference. We want to change the world, save lives, “be a fireman” or solve world hunger. Not everyone acts on those dreams, however. As we get older some of us begin to lose that dream. It begins to look less…

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Ready? Set? Go!

_Create a definite plan for carrying out

In a few hours our garage sale will be under way and we won’t be ready. But we will have started. It’s just the way it goes for us. The timing is never perfect, and things always interrupt our work. This time it was 3 orphaned squirrels that literally showed up on our doorstep. They…

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Have You Settled for Monotony?

Monotony is the Awful Reward of the

A coaching client of mine recently landed his dream job. He was not in a hurry and in fact was employed throughout the process. Without the pressure of being forced to replace his income he was able to take his time and find a position that was a great fit for his skills, experience and…

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Teenagers still do Amazing Things!

The Greatest Lesson of Life is that You

I recently listened to a young man’s story of how he grew up. He told me that when he was a teenager, his Mom was single and was struggling to provide for his family. She worked very hard in real estate, but the economy had taken its toll on the market and she was not…

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