When a Promotion is Not a Good Thing

Do You Know What You Want

One of the best employees I ever hired was a retired Army Master Sergeant. I needed a supervisor and his experience and work history was perfect. The second reason I hired him was so that he could, one day, be my replacement. It’s a good goal to have depth in your employee pool, and this…

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Making College Affordable?

How you Pay for Your Education, Makes all the Difference

In an effort to make college affordable, we have actually driven the cost up in the last 30 years. That is the conclusion of Bill Bennett in his recent book, “Is College Worth It?” Here is the basic idea. Our government makes financial aid available to students. Colleges and universities recognize that the money is…

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Four Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur

_The Way to Get Started is to Quit Talking and Begin Doing._

Today, after lunch, I will be speaking to an Intro to Business class at our local High School. I love every opportunity I get to speak to teens. It’s a chance to encourage and inspire young adults to make good decisions about their career and future. So today I will be talking about four reasons…

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You May be Worth More than You Realize!

Being Skilled with this Tool Could Get You Hired!

I know a stay at home mom who recently went back to work part time. She had a few hours to spare and the extra money was going to be a big help to her family. Through the process of getting hired and trained, she learned a few things about the current job market. The…

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More Than One Way to Get an Education

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.

Is there more than one way to get an education? Can you gain marketable skills without going to college or even trade school? In my opinion, the answer is a clear, “Yes”! The one requirement that you need to make this happen is that you must value learning. Here is a good example. This week…

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The #1 Reason to Avoid College Debt

_What Will You do Without Freedom__

Freedom. It’s the #1 reason to avoid College Debt. And it’s a very good reason. When you are 18 years old it’s hard to see beyond the next big challenge in your path. After all, a four-year degree is the only path to success, right? Most college bound teens are willing to pay any price…

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Do You See Problems or Opportunities?

The Right Opportunity

On a flight to a foreign country, two shoe salesman learned some important information. The people in the land they were headed to, did not wear shoes. One salesman said “I am booking the earliest flight home. These people don’t wear shoes.” The other salesman called his warehouse and said, send me every shoe we…

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The #1 Solution to Paying Cash for College

Private Student Loans Should be Avoided at all Costs! ~Suze Orman

Students have two main concerns when it comes to their college education. Number one is paying for it and number two is not knowing what to study. The bottom line is that the idea of going deeply into debt for something that has unknown value is becoming more and more terrifying to students. Depending on…

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Buy Tools Not Toys

Could This Minivan Make You Money_

When it comes to buying something new for yourself, do you ever consider if that thing could make you money? I mean, wouldn’t it make sense to buy something that was a tool and not a toy? When Grandma sends you a care package at college and includes some cash, what do you spend that…

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Should I Go to College?

_Debt is like any other trap, easy enough(1)

There are a lot of students asking today, “should I go to college?” There are several very good reasons to ask this question. The first one is the fear of college debt. I just now checked the latest Federal Reserve report. The total outstanding college debt obligation in this country is nearing 1.3 trillion dollars.…

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