Do You See Problems or Opportunities?

The Right Opportunity

On a flight to a foreign country, two shoe salesman learned some important information. The people in the land they were headed to, did not wear shoes. One salesman said “I am booking the earliest flight home. These people don’t wear shoes.” The other salesman called his warehouse and said, send me every shoe we…

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The #1 Solution to Paying Cash for College

Private Student Loans Should be Avoided at all Costs! ~Suze Orman

Students have two main concerns when it comes to their college education. Number one is paying for it and number two is not knowing what to study. The bottom line is that the idea of going deeply into debt for something that has unknown value is becoming more and more terrifying to students. Depending on…

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Buy Tools Not Toys

Could This Minivan Make You Money_

When it comes to buying something new for yourself, do you ever consider if that thing could make you money? I mean, wouldn’t it make sense to buy something that was a tool and not a toy? When Grandma sends you a care package at college and includes some cash, what do you spend that…

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Should I Go to College?

_Debt is like any other trap, easy enough(1)

There are a lot of students asking today, “should I go to college?” There are several very good reasons to ask this question. The first one is the fear of college debt. I just now checked the latest Federal Reserve report. The total outstanding college debt obligation in this country is nearing 1.3 trillion dollars.…

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College Student Earns $25 per Hour!

_The big secret in life is that there is

There aren’t too many jobs you can get as a college student that will pay $25 per hour. It is important to find every great opportunity and take advantage of it. Check this one out. My daughter went away to college 5 years ago. Since she had a lot of babysitting experience she took the…

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Can College Debt Keep You From Work That You Love?

_Live Like No One Else so That Later, You

Can College Debt keep you from finding work that you love? I want to explore this question a bit. First, a great story. I read about a young couple that got married right out of college. Neither of them had any loans because they were determined to be debt free. That also applied to buying…

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Five Inspiring Lessons from a High School Entrepreneur

An idea in your head is safe and useless

Last week I shared a story about Mitch, who just killed it by taking action on an idea. He literally earned over $4000 in one weekend by pursuing a rare opportunity. Now I want to explain what we all can learn from this high school student. His story is inspiring. Whether you want to be…

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Student Earns $4000 in One Weekend

Many a good opportunity has been missed

Over two years ago, I published a post about a high school student that I thought had earned over $2000 in one weekend. I had heard reports about his success, but they were dramatically understated. Two grand in one weekend is pretty amazing, but $4000 is incredible! I had a chance to interview him in…

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Take a Step Toward Your Future Today

Take a Step Toward Your Future Today

This week a young man from my neighborhood wanted to take action on an idea. Together we have talked about businesses that he could start as a 13 year old. One idea was to sell ice cream treats in a few local areas where there are lots of children. So together we made it happen…

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College Students, Don’t Wait to Find a Job in Your Career Field

College Students, Don't Wait to find a job in Your Field

I was recently speaking to a second year trade school student about his college experience. He said that he enjoyed his first year of school but that he was learning even more from his job. He had just completed a 60 hour week of summer work as an electrician laborer. He is getting critical experience…

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